Jaws: Ravens are best team in AFC

When ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski watched the second half of the Super Bowl, he saw a San Francisco 49ers offense attack an "old and slow" Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. But, by upgrading the team's biggest weakness this offseason, Jaworski still believes the Baltimore Ravens are the team to beat in the AFC.

"Look at the offseason and the acquisitions they made," Jaworski said. "They get a Michael Huff, they get a Matt Elam, they get a Chris Canty and they get Elvis Dumervil. They've made changes to upgrade that defense. That alone still shows me they're the best team in the AFC."

That led to this response from Skip Bayless: "Ron Jaworski, you know how much I love you. But lord have mercy do I disagree with you on this one."

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