Raiders need to turn to Terrelle Pryor

Just give Terrelle Pryor the ball.

Just let him do with it what he may. We don’t know what he would do. That’s the point. It might be awful, but it would certainly be worth the Oakland Raiders’ while.

If Pryor can parlay his wonderful natural athleticism into becoming an effective quarterback, the Raiders’ rebuilding phase could be short. Nothing is an elixir for a growing program like a dynamic, young quarterback. And if Pryor is not the answer, so be it. The Raiders could then move forward and add quarterback to their enormous list of needs.

But we know this: Matt Flynn is not the answer. At the very best, Flynn is a caretaker for the position. He is a 28-year-old with two career starts. He is a bridge quarterback at best. And he might not even be that.

The Raiders were awful once again in the preseason, in a 34-26 loss at home to Chicago. It was not that close. The Bears led 27-0 in the second quarter.

Look, the Raiders are a mess. They have issues throughout the roster. It’s not all about the quarterback. Flynn is not going to be able to elevate Oakland. But perhaps Pryor can give the Raiders hope. After Flynn was awful against Chicago, Pryor came in and gave the Raiders a spark.

He led Oakland to 20 points in about a quarter of play. Like all dynamic quarterbacks, Pryor’s play lifted the energy and effort level of his teammates. Sure, the fact Pryor gave Oakland a spark in the second half of a preseason game might mean little. But it could mean a lot.

I think Oakland coach Dennis Allen has to use it as a chance to give his team a permanent spark. Make Pryor the quarterback.

Sure, he is still raw and inconsistent. But why not? Pryor can make things happen with his legs. He works hard and desires to be great.

Will he be great? Well, at this point, it doesn’t matter. He will give one of the NFL’s thinnest rosters some hope. Playing Flynn would just delay the inevitable.

The bottom line is if there is a quarterback controversy on a team expected to vie for the No. 1 overall pick, there should be no controversy.

This is the perfect time for the Raiders to give Pryor the ball. It has to happen.