Clayton's high on Chargers' Philip Rivers

Earlier this week, we looked at whether San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers was snubbed because he is not part of ESPN.com’s top 100 lists of offensive players.

I reasoned that while I think Rivers can still be a solid player, because of his turnover issues the past two years and the influx of excellent young quarterbacks; it is not a surprise Rivers isn’t on the list.

However, Thursday, Rivers received some support. In his annual rankings of quarterbacks, John Clayton placed Rivers, who comes in at No. 11, in his “elite" group.

This is what Clayton had to write about Rivers: "Whether it's Rivers or the roster around him, the Chargers' offense seems to going down the wrong river. Last year his yards-per-completion average dropped from 7.9 to 6.8. His 66 percent completion-rate days are diminishing. He has thrown 53 touchdown passes over the past two years. But his offensive line has gotten worse, and we really don't know if he has enough good pass-catchers. Mike McCoy was hired to allow Rivers the chance to throw shorter, quicker passes."

I like Rivers a lot and agree most of his problems are out of his control (a terrible offensive line and decreased skill-position talent), but I was a bit surprised by the No. 11 ranking. What do you think?