Revis goes from 'best' to bitter

E:60: Revis Island - The Darrelle Revis Story (10:17)

E:60 looks back at the rise of Darrelle Revis from Aliquippa PA to the bright lights of the NFL. (10:17)

When Darrelle Revis was selected by the Jets with the 14th overall pick in 2007, he offered an immediate message to then-GM Mike Tannenbaum.

"I told Tannenbaum on the phone, 'This is probably one of the best things you've done,'" Revis says in an ESPN E:60 profile that airs at 7 p.m. Tuesday on ESPN2.

Revis was right; it was one of the Jets' best moves -- ever. He became the top cornerback in football, the glue to Rex Ryan's defense. But his marriage with the Jets ended in an ugly divorce last April, when he was traded to the Bucs. Revis felt betrayed by the Jets because they never made him a contract offer. To understand his mindset, you need to go back to his roots, all the way back to Aliquippa, Pa., where his values were formed.

The E:60 special includes interviews with former Aliquippa greats Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett and Ty Law. It shows where Revis was raised, a boarded-up house near his high school, close enough to see the Friday night lights in the distance -- a beacon for the kids on Seventh Avenue. It was a tough neighborhood. In an interview, Revis says six members of his high school team, which won a state championship, are dead.

On Sunday, Revis makes his return to MetLife Stadium to face the Jets in what should be an emotional season opener. It will be billed as a homecoming, but as you'll see in the E:60 profile, his real home is in Western Pennsylvania.