Power Rankings: No. 3 San Francisco 49ers

A weekly examination of the San Francisco 49ers' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

What are the Week 1 Power Rankings all about?

Respect and expectations. And the 49ers head into the 2013 season with plenty of both. Can’t complain too much about being ranked No. 3 heading into a new season.

Yes, I’m sure 49ers are fans wringing their hands over not being ranked No. 1. And it has to be particularly wrenching to see San Francisco ranked below NFC West rival Seattle (ranked No. 1), and the team the 49ers beat in the NFC championship game, Atlanta, ranked No. 2.

I get it. Why are they ranked below two teams they finished better than last year? It’s a legitimate question. But perhaps the slight knock serves as motivation for Jim Harbaugh.

And, most importantly, remember this -- I do not have a vote. I’m just messenger on this one.