Polian doesn't list Colts as a contender

INDIANAPOLIS – Bill Polian spent 15 years in the Indianapolis Colts' front office. But despite being with the franchise all that time, Polian didn’t cut them any slack when it came to revealing his list of playoff contenders.

Polian, now an analyst at ESPN, listed five legitimate contenders, five teams with question marks and five teams that missed the playoffs last season but have a chance to make it this season.

Here’s his list:

Legitimate contenders

San Francisco



New England


Teams with question marks



Green Bay



Teams on the rise

Kansas City



New Orleans


I was a little surprised to see Denver listed under “question marks” and Cincinnati as a contender over Peyton Manning and crew. But as Polian notes, the Broncos lack a pass rush with Von Miller suspended. He adds, “If the Broncos can solve that, they have a heck of chance to win the Super Bowl.”

The Redskins are also on the list of “question marks.” They’ll probably stay there until Robert Griffin III removes all doubt about his knee.

The Colts obviously aren't listed as one of the rising teams because they made the playoffs last season. And you can't fault Polian for not listing them as a contender or even a team with question marks.