Giants capitalize on Romo's awful decision

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

ARLINGTON, Texas -- With a 24-20 lead and the ball near midfield, the Cowboys were in perfect position to take over this game. Then Tony Romo threw an ill-advised deep ball to Sam Hurd. I have no clue what Romo saw on the play. Hurd was bracketed by a safety and a cornerback. Kenny Phillips had time to signal a fair catch before picking off the floater.

Eli Manning quickly hit Mario Manningham on a deep ball. Steve Smith and Manningham are making Orlando Scandrick look more like a fifth-round pick with every play. The 22-yard pass to Smith was the 100th touchdown of Manning's career.

Dave Tollefson has replaced Justin Tuck at left defensive end. There is no reason in the world the Cowboys shouldn't have run right at him on that last possession. The Cowboys have owned the Giants in the running game.