Power Rankings: No. 6 Houston Texans

A weekly examination of the Texans' ESPN.com Power Ranking.

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A comeback win on the road bumped the Texans only one spot higher in this week's Power Rankings, but the Texans will have plenty of opportunities this season to prove they belong higher. Four of the five teams ranked ahead of the Texans are on their schedule this year. Those five teams ranked higher are San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta and New England.

The Patriots and Texans both moved up one spot by virtue of the Green Bay Packers falling two slots after losing to San Francisco.

At this point in the season, I'd agree that the 49ers, Seahawks and Broncos are clearly better. Not so sure about the Falcons, who lost to the Saints, and Patriots, who eked out a win over the Bills. In fact, if the Falcons hadn't started the season ranked second in our Power Rankings, I'd bet they wouldn't be ahead of the Texans now.

Elsewhere in the division, the Colts are 12th, the Titans (this week's opponent) are 22nd and the Jaguars are a totally deserved 32nd.