Vikings' stadium audit complete

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority today released the findings of its financial audit of the Wilf family, which showed the Vikings' owners will have enough money to meet their obligation for a new stadium, regardless of the damages New Jersey judge Deanna Wilson orders the Wilfs to pay in a 21-year-old lawsuit.

The results of the review were hardly a surprise -- the plaintiffs in the lawsuit requested damages of $51 million, which is hardly enough to break a family rich enough to own a NFL team, and the Vikings' contribution to the stadium will come from a variety of sources, including a $200 million NFL loan. But the completion of the review allows the stadium construction process to resume, even if it didn't reveal anything terribly significant.

Here is what the Vikings had to say about the results in a statement:

"The results of the due diligence inquiry are consistent with the team’s prior statements on this matter – the Vikings and the Wilf family have the financial ability to meet the private commitments to the stadium project. This report, combined with the NFL’s unwavering support, make that clear. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority to create thousands of jobs, generate significant economic development and deliver a great stadium for Vikings fans and the people of Minnesota."