Halftime ramblings from Titans-Jets

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Titans didn’t let a 14-0 deficit scare them off, showed some fight the rest of the way in the first half and have made it to halftime down only 14-10. They deferred when they won the toss, so they start the third quarter with the ball, too.

A few halftime thoughts:

  • The Titans found some defensive footing after a bad start. Toss out the Hail Mary that ended the half and Tennessee forced three straight three and outs on the last three Jets’ possessions for the half. Good sign and they looked a whole lot more comfortable.

  • On one of those plays Mark Sanchez lost the ball and it looked to have hit Michael Griffin in the chest or arm but wound up back in the Jets’ possession. A take-away there could have really swung things.

  • The Titans say Vincent Fuller’s injury is a forearm. Titans Radio said it’s broken. He’s a valuable piece as the nickel and a special teams contributor the Titans will miss for the remainder of this game and beyond.

  • I thought the biggest five plays of the game would be the ones where Kerry Collins was under the most duress. Flushed right under pressure in the second quarter, he should have thrown it away. Instead he forced a ball for Chris Johnson up the right sideline. It got over Dwight Lowery but Eric Smith pulled in the pick. The Jets didn't turn it into anything. Odds are the Titans won’t survive a second one of those.