Power Rankings: No. 26 Buffalo Bills

A weekly examination of the Bills' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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Buffalo rising?

The Bills jumped up three spots in our weekly ESPN.com Power Rankings, two spots ahead of their Sunday opponent, the New York Jets. I've said the last two weeks the Bills were slightly underrated. Now I think they've hit it.

At 1-1, the Bills are no longer in the basement with the NFL's worst (Jacksonville, Oakland, Cleveland). But they still have a lot to prove.

None of our six voters placed the Bills any lower than No. 26, and ESPN NFL Nation reporter Kevin Seifert put them highest at No. 22.

Now the question is, where does Buffalo go from here? They'll travel to face the Jets this weekend. Lose that game, and I think you're back into the No. 27-29 range, where the Jets are now.

Win that game, and you're moving up. But how far? The three teams that stand ahead of Buffalo -- Washington, Pittsburgh, and Minnesota -- are all 0-2. Even if any of them win, a 2-1 Bills team should be put ahead of any 1-2 team.