Chiefs' Reid appreciates Charles' sentiment

Andy Reid has declined many opportunities this week to talk about his emotions and thoughts about returning to Philadelphia for a game against the Eagles, the team he coached for the past 14 years before being fired at the end of last season.

But Jamaal Charles indicated the obvious, that the game is important to Reid and the Chiefs would try to win for him.

Without wading into the issue of how much of an event Thursday night’s game would be to him, Reid said he appreciated the sentiment.

“This crew right here, this team, there’s a special spirit about this group," Reid said. "They’ve worked their tail off. As a coach, how much more can you really ask for than that, than dedication?

“I appreciate everything they’ve done. In this time period, we’ve grown close as a team and that will continue on. There are some great personalities on this team that I appreciate being around and enjoy being around."