Sunday Countdown: Redskins, Brady, more

"Sunday NFL Countdown" airs from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ET on ESPN. Below are some of the features you can see this week.

Also, check out our experts’ picks.

Writing the Redskins’ story: Fourteen times he’s found his novels at No. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. So we enlisted David Baldacci to put the Drama in D.C. in his own words. He dives into all the plots and subplots that keep us guessing about what’s next in Washington.

Tom Brady Make A Wish/Hispanic Heritage Month: A Patriots fan with an incurable heart condition gets the opportunity to meet and spend the day with Patriots QB Tom Brady.

A.J. Green one-handed catch: From high school to the NFL, he has made some of the most jaw-dropping one-handed circus catches we’ve seen. The Bengals’ wideout walks us through the motions of making so many dynamic catches.

Saints ref: One year ago, the replacement ref experiment came to an end when the officials famously messed up the final call in the Packers-Seahawks game. Although that ref story is well known, there is another official, Brian Strapolo, who also lives in infamy. He was the one who was assigned to officiate a Saints game in Carolina, until it was revealed that he had pictures all over his Facebook page of him tailgating at Saints games dressed in Saints apparel, an obvious conflict of interest.

Andrew Luck Soundtracks: As we get set for Andrew Luck’s game against his old coach, Jim Harbaugh, we listen to the Colts quarterback who was wired in a Week 2 loss against Miami.