Titans' long pass drought keyed by drops

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Kerry Collins didn’t connect with a receiver for the final 26:34 of the Titans' loss Sunday to the Jets.

Coming out of halftime, he hit three out of four passes for 77 yards and a touchdown.

From there it was 14 incomplete passes and a second interception.

Still, he may have done enough to lead the Titans to a win, of only his targets caught his passes. Justin Gage, Nate Washington (twice) and Kenny Britt accounted for drops in the fourth quarter. Any one of them might have had a big, positive bearing on things for the Titans.

Collins said he could have done better under blitz fire and in some instances where there are more rushers than blockers he could have communicated protection shifts better and gotten rid of the ball more quickly.

The receivers and his coach said there could have been more catches made for him as well.

“In close games like that, you have to make those catches,” Jeff Fisher said. “You have to make those tough catches against a defense like this. We had three or four opportunities.”

Britt’s was the toughest of the four balls in question, and he said he should have caught it as well as he went to the ground at the right sideline and got his hands under it.

“There were some plays there to be made, we just didn’t make them,” said Washington, who had a touchdown catch for the second game in a row. “In that type of situation this team is relying on our offense to win that game for us. We didn’t pull it off. We had a couple drops, we had a couple missed assignments in the last drive and those are things that we cannot do. We’ve got to be better at the end of games.”

Gage seems to produce one big drop a game.

Tennessee receivers get sick of hearing how people talk about them. They added amplitude to the conversation with their performance at Giants Stadium.

“At the end of the game we didn’t show up,” Washington said. “They put more heat on us and we have to do a better job of reacting. When they put more heat on us, they got more vulnerable and I don’t think we did what we needed to do as an offense to make those plays.”