Can Titans WRs at least make it appear they want to go get a ball?

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
NASHVILLE -- Justin McCareins and Justin Gage each had a chance to change opinions in the first half. Instead they reinforced them.

McCareins probably wasn't going to catch a deep ball down the middle from Vince Young. But he had a step on Rashean Mathis, couldn't take it to another gear to catch up to it and after stumbling a bit he didn't even bother to put his arms up or attempt to reach for the ball. Incomplete.

Just before Chris Johnson went out of frame to pull in a short pass and then gathered himself to get it to the end zone, Gage was the target on a short ball up the left side. Again, he probably wasn't getting it considering the coverage. Again, a complete give-up.

If you're watching those two plays, you can't help but wonder: How much of an effort does it take to raise your arms, consider a jump or a stretch and show a willingness to look like you actually want to go make a catch?

Just after a 33-yard catch put the Jaguars in a great spot, Jacksonville's Matt Jones went in the air after an uncatchable ball inside the 5-yard line and actually got a hand on it. What does it say about the Titans' top two guys that Matt Jones is showing more effort than they are?

Maybe we just saw some progress. On their final possession of the half, Gage chased a ball he couldn't reach up the left side and did extend his arms. Perhaps on his next chance he can combine raised arms with a leap, stretch or even acceleration,

Halftime catch-count with the Titans up 10-7: Running backs 4, receivers 2, tight ends 1.