Dungy: Terrell Owens' act is 'hard to coach'

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

NBC released a transcript from the portion of its "Football Night in America" pregame show that apparently got Buffalo Bills receiver Terrell Owens riled up enough to blast studio analyst Rodney Harrison.

But Harrison wasn't the only one critical of Owens.

Another NBC analyst, the judicious Tony Dungy, also disapproved of the way Owens carried himself in his postgame news conference after failing to catch a single pass in a home loss to the New Orleans Saints.

"You really don't want that," Dungy said of Owens' snide demeanor. "But I think you know that's what you get with Terrell Owens. When things aren't going well, you're going to get stuff like that. That's hard to coach."

Then Harrison chimed in: "He's just a clown, a straight up clown. He's more concerned with individual stats as opposed to the team's success. Just a clown."

Owens responded by ridiculing Harrison's four-game suspension in 2007 for violating the performance-enhancing substances policy.

But Owens hasn't lashed out at Dungy, whose condemnation was subtle but more enlightening.

Dungy's words have gravitas. His opinion matters in the football community. Dungy vouched for Michael Vick's return to the NFL.

That Dungy finds Owens' act distasteful says something.