Chiefs were set for this special teams play

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Between blocked kicks and fumbled kickoff returns, the Kansas City Chiefs have had some rough moments on special teams this season. But they deserve credit for making an underrated play in last week’s 26-16 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in the first quarter, when the Chiefs successfully smothered the Eagles’ attempt for a two-point conversion.

The Eagles lined up in the swinging gate formation, with six players wide to the left, three in the center of the field and two wide right. The Chiefs were obviously prepared for the play because they lined up appropriately.

The ball was snapped at an angle to tight end Zach Ertz, who was wide to the left. But he was tackled quickly by linebacker Tamba Hali.

“We were coached on that," Hali said. “We practiced it and went over it. When it was coming, we weren’t surprised."

The play stopped Philadelphia’s momentum and the Eagles’ 10-6 deficit was as close as they would come to the Chiefs the rest of the game.