Power Rankings: No. 1 Seattle Seahawks

A weekly examination of the Seahawks' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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The chances of the Seattle Seahawks losing their top spot were slim considering they were playing at home against the worst team in the NFL. Seattle won 45-17 over the Jacksonville Jaguars, and it wasn’t even that close.

The Seahawks were a whopping 19.5-point favorite, a spread which they had covered by halftime (24-0) and probably could have easily doubled had they played the starters the entire game.

The outcome never was in doubt, but Seattle managed to accomplish some goals in a few areas where the team wanted to make improvements.

One was the passing game. The Seahawks had a total of two passing touchdowns in the first two games. They had five Sunday. Seattle had 18 passing first downs in the first two games. The Seahawks had 16 Sunday.

Seattle also made big strides in cutting down on penalties. The Seahawks had 19 penalties for 183 yards in the first two games, but only four for 24 yards on Sunday.