Dan Graziano's MVP Watch

Russell Wilson, Tom Brady and Ryan Tannehill put their 3-0 records on the line in Week 4. USA TODAY Sports

"What's the deal, Watch?" all the old-schoolers are asking. "What's with all the quarterbacks?"

Well, old-schoolers, first of all, thanks for figuring out how to get online so you could read the Watch. And second of all, it's a quarterback award, right? Yeah, Adrian Peterson won last season, but he practically had to set the league record to win it, and all the big rushing-yards guys this season either play on losing teams or aren't trustworthy. Example: The Watch can't put DeMarco Murray on here for fear he'll injure himself high-fiving a teammate in celebration. It's too risky. The Watch can't have that on its conscience.

The MVP Watch heads into Week 4 of the NFL season as a boat race, because the guy holding on to the top spot is playing like a player John Elway couldn't even create in "Madden" if he hacked the game. But there are 10 spots on this list every week, and at this point in the season, the bulk of them go to the quarterbacks of the league's 3-0 teams.

There are still seven unbeaten NFL teams, much to the alarm of Nick Buoniconti and his 1972 Dolphins teammates, and all of their quarterbacks are playing well (although some are being asked to do less than others are). Two of those unbeatens play each other on "Monday Night Football" in New Orleans, so at most there will be six 4-0 teams demanding spots on next week's list. And at least there will be one. But the Watch can't predict games. Heck, the Watch can't even really predict the MVP award. Best the Watch can do is take a look at what's going on and tell you what's most likely. And this week starts once again with the safest bet going.