Cassel deserved better legacy with Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Though legions of Kansas City Chiefs fans will disagree, it’s good to see Matt Cassel getting another chance. He will start for the Minnesota Vikings against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday in place of the injured Christian Ponder.

Cassel didn’t work out for the Chiefs. No argument there. The Chiefs needed to move on, for his sake and their own, and credit to John Dorsey and Andy Reid for wasting no time in doing so.

As for his time with the Chiefs, I’m not sure there was a quarterback alive who could have done much more in a rotten situation than Cassel did. He quarterbacked one division championship team in four seasons and for a peek at how that season would have turned out without him, take a look at the one 2010 game the Chiefs played when Cassel was out with appendicitis. They were shut out in San Diego.

The atmosphere was hardly conducive to winning during those four seasons, the same years the Chiefs were guided by Scott Pioli. So many different agendas, so many people pulling in different directions, so many offensive coordinators (five) over four seasons. Then there was the irritating style of Todd Haley, who by the way is in the process of ruining Ben Roethlisberger. What might have happened had Haley not run off Charlie Weis, who left a job as an offensive coordinator for an NFL playoff team to become an assistant in college?

There’s a reason Peyton Manning, once he became a free agent last year, wanted no part of playing for the Chiefs. He’s no smarter than the rest of us, but it was impossible to mistake the signs of a hopeless situation.

No matter how solid the situation was, Cassel wasn’t going to be a Hall of Famer. He clearly doesn’t have that kind of ability. But even a Hall of Famer wouldn’t have been successful the last four seasons in Kansas City.