Haynesworth: Tampa was too tempting

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas


TAMPA, Fla. -- Albert Haynesworth just finished a very interesting conference call with the Tampa Bay media. It’s been well documented that the Bucs were a player for Haynewsorth in free agency.

The Redskins got him and Haynesworth said part of his choice came down to the fact he thought Tampa was too nice. Seriously.

"Tampa was probably my first choice," Haynesworth said. "It was kind of a repeat of when I was coming out of college where (Georgia) was my first choice and I went to Tennessee. I like water, I like boats and I like sun. Coming to Tampa, there was a whole lot there. I have a whole offseason. If I went to Tampa, it would have been too much of a mix."

Haynesworth also admitted the Bucs offered more money than the Redskins.

"They really came after me hard in the few hours they had," Haynesworth said. "After I told the Redskins that I was going to come to the Redskins, (the Bucs) made their strongest stand. They offered more than Redskins. But I said I was here."

The logic continued to be a little offbeat throughout the conference call. Haynesworth apparently didn’t think a lot about the fact Florida has no state income tax before signing with the Redskins.

"I made more money last year with Tennessee," Haynesworth said.