Owens: 'I'm in a no-win situation' with media

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Graham

Terrell Owens had a much more productive encounter with the media Wednesday certainly than he did Sunday.

Owens chose to parry with reporters who cover the Buffalo Bills after his no-catch, 27-7 home loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Speaking with them for the first time since that controversial news conference, Owens began the interview similar to Sunday's news conference but loosened up and became more forthright. He shared some of his thoughts on the offense, his role on the team and his burgeoning feud with NBC Sports analyst Rodney Harrison.

Highlights from a transcript provided by the Bills:

On Sunday's game:

"We had some opportunities there to win the game. It was 10-7, and we missed some connections there, where we could have gone up on them and then probably put them in a situation where they have to pass a lot.

"I really don’t think enough credit has been given to our defense because they played a hell of a ball game. When you think about what [the Saints] have done the last two weeks prior to playing us, they have put up big numbers. [Drew] Brees has put up some big numbers as far as yardage, and we eliminated the things that they did in getting into the end zone.

"So [the Bills defense] played a tremendous ballgame and, offensively, we didn’t help the defense out. We took some knocks all the way around with the game and with some injuries. So we just have to keep getting better, keep plugging away and I think the guys are doing that."

On his tweets in response to Harrison calling him "a clown" on TV:

"I have already responded to that. It is what it is. Those guys are going to say what they want to say and I can only take so much of being the butt of someone’s jokes. They want to try to get on there and make a name for themselves, but I’m not going to allow someone to just call me a clown and just run all over me. I have been taking enough heat as it is with the media. When you have someone who as played this game, but I have responded the way I knew how, said what I had to say and left it at that."

On claiming his comments get taken out of context:

"It is very frustrating because I think that some of the guys and the coaches want to me step up and be more vocal and say things as a leader. I feel like sometimes I try to do that, try to say things in a subtle way without being harsh, but other outlets are taking those quotes, making them headlines and making them more of an issue than they really are. I think that that is why the first couple of games I tended not to say anything after the games."

On why subtlety is important:

"That is because I have always been vocal and always spoken honestly, and I think over the years that has gotten me in trouble and created some sort of division in the locker room with some of the guys on the team, and I just try to do the right thing now. Even when I try to do the right thing, it is not the right thing. I am in a situation where I am in a no-win situation. So I just try to be the best I can be without offending someone."