Terrance Williams still getting over fumble

IRVING, Texas -- The day after, Cowboys rookie wide receiver Terrance Williams was still dealing with his fourth-quarter fumble in Sunday's loss to the San Diego Chargers.

Williams caught a short pass over the middle and while trying to stretch out for more yards, he was stripped of the ball at the Chargers 2. The miscue came at a difficult time for the Cowboys. They trailed 30-21 and a touchdown would have made it a one-score game. Instead the Cowboys had to continue to play catch-up after the fumble with 2:42 to play in the game.

"I still feel the same," Williams said of his sour mood. "I should have gotten down. I felt like we were pressed for time, but I should have gotten down so we could have kicked the field goal."

Williams was escorted off the field by Bryan Wansley, the director of player development. And several of his teammates, Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray, along with team owner Jerry Jones offered words of encouragement to Williams in the locker room.

Williams also dropped a sideline pass earlier in the game. Overall, Williams had career highs in catches (seven) and yards (71) in the loss to the Chargers and continues to show the Cowboys why he's got a bright future.

But some mental mistakes, including running the wrong route which led to an interception against the New York Giants in Week 1, have opened the door for critics.

"He made a number of plays for us," coach Jason Garrett said. "He obviously had the fumble going in -- we had a real good scoring chance with a few minutes to go in the game. It was an effort play he was making, there's no question about that. He catches it short of the goal line and he wants to get in and he extends the ball, and one of the things he's going to learn as a young player is when you're in those situations guys are fantastic at getting the ball out. It's a physical game and they're going to knock the ball out. So, he'll learn from that experience."