Power Rankings: No. 7 Miami Dolphins

A weekly examination of the Dolphins' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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I must say, I’m shocked the Miami Dolphins didn’t move down in this week’s ESPN.com Power Rankings. Miami was lambasted on national television in a 38-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints on "Monday Night Football."

This was a measuring stick game for Miami, and we pretty much knew who was the better team after two quarters. Sloppy play and four turnovers were too much for the Dolphins to make it competitive.

Are the Dolphins still the seventh-best team in the NFL? I didn’t feel as though I saw a top-seven team last night. The gap between the Saints -- ESPN.com's No. 3 team -- and Miami was large.

Dolphins fans have been screaming about more respect this year. Fans in Miami certainly can’t complain this week as ESPN.com's panel showed the Dolphins plenty of respect by not dropping them at all after losing by three touchdowns.