Schiano defends victory formation tactic

TAMPA, Fla. -- Once again, Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano has found himself defending his approach to victory formations by other teams at the end of games.

Some members of the Arizona Cardinals griped after the Bucs continued to play hard as the clock was running down Sunday. This tactic has been a hot topic before. Last season, New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin was highly critical of the move.

Schiano said he would stop the tactic if his players asked, but said that request has not been made.

“I do leave it up to the players,’’ Schiano said. “I’m not na├»ve that that’s a controversial thing. But, if our players feel we have a chance to win, they want to win. Last time I checked, that’s what we’re getting paid to do, go win. We’ll play 60 minutes. It’s an organized play. People know it’s coming.’’