Quick hits from QB Aaron Rodgers

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, he of the discount double check, spoke with the Detroit media on a conference call Wednesday.

As always, here are the highlights in quick, bullet-point form:

  • Rodgers downplayed his sideline argument with Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy, saying the two "laughed about it later and everything's fine." McCarthy, in his conference call later, also downplayed the incident.

  • Rodgers believes Green Bay's running game is better because the blocking is better and the backs' ability to read the blocks has improved. Having backs with three different styles of running is also an aid. It also helps, he said, that much like Detroit, Green Bay won't face stacked boxes to stop the run every week.

"When you’re watching the Lions' offense on film, when you’re playing the defense that they are against, you see a lot of teams strongly favoring Calvin [Johnson]," Rodgers said. "Obviously, either man under with a high safety or a zone under with a high safety or pressing them with a couple of guys helping. He presents a lot of issues for a defense. For us, it’s just been our ability to throw the football, it’s given us a lot of two-high looks and you’ve got to make the most out of the run opportunities."

  • Rodgers said having the early off week (Green Bay was idle last weekend) isn't as big of a deal as usual because it is so early. That said, he's hopeful a lot of Green Bay's injured players were able to rest.

  • Rodgers was impressed with Detroit's safety tandem of Louis Delmas and Glover Quin. He said when Delmas is healthy, "he definitely makes a big impact" and teaming him with Quin "gives them a good look." He also likes the improvement of cornerback Chris Houston.

  • Rodgers on taking more sacks this year: "It’s always a concern for us. We don’t like ‘em, we’d like to eliminate a majority of ‘em but it’s a product of a lot of things. It’s not always on the offensive line. There are some other factors involved. We’d like to think we’re going to improve in that area but every week in the NFC North you’re facing a big-time pass-rushing group and this group is no different."

  • He isn't surprised, either, by Detroit's 3-1 start. The reason? Continuity among the coaching staff. And some players.

"You have a young, stud quarterback and you’ve got the top receiver in the league," Rodgers said. "You add Reggie Bush to the mix and that’s just on offense. Defense stayed the same and gotten better. They drafted a couple real good kids, they added a safety, they are healthy over there. I’m not surprised at all. I think this is a team that has the pieces in place."