Calvin Johnson mum on injury status

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- Calvin Johnson has missed practice for two straight days with a knee issue.

The Detroit Lions' receiver? He won’t talk about it.

“I’m all right,” Johnson said Thursday. “Can’t talk about injuries, though. That’s our rule.”

Johnson said he briefly left Sunday’s 40-32 win against Chicago to rest for a couple of plays,not because of an injury.

As for what his coach, Jim Schwartz, said about Johnson’s injury? When asked for an update, he offered one word: “No.”

Schwartz usually doesn’t discuss injuries.

And does Johnson think he’ll play Sunday?

“Leave that up to coach,” he said.

It is worth noting Johnson missed last Wednesday’s practice with a knee issue as well, but played against Chicago on Sunday.

Johnson has a team-high 21 catches for 312 yards and four touchdowns -- more receiving scores than the rest of the Lions combined.