Ravens shouldn't consider trading McKinnie

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie said there could be a chance the Baltimore Ravens will trade him.

“We’ll have to see when the time comes,” McKinnie said Thursday, just hours after the trade for Eugene Monroe became official. “Maybe a trade. Who knows?”

This shouldn't happen for a couple of reasons. For one, I would be surprised that any team would be interested in a 34-year-old offensive tackle who has graded out to be one of the NFL's worst run blockers and has given up 11 quarterback hurries this season. The Dolphins, Broncos, Packers and Seahawks would have to be desperate.

Even if a team approached the Ravens, they shouldn't let go of McKinnie. It may sound like a good idea right now to get something for McKinnie and have another team pick up the remainder of his $1 million salary for this year. But what happens if Monroe or Michael Oher get hurt? The Ravens would be in a better position to go back to McKinnie than start rookie Rick Wagner, who looked overmatched when he played in Denver.

I did find McKinnie's reaction amusing when asked if he'll have to adjust to being a backup again.

“Who said that’s what I have to adjust to?” McKinnie said. “Maybe not, so we don’t know yet.”

McKinnie told reporters that the Ravens coaches haven’t told him he’s lost his starting job. Newsflash to McKinnie: Maybe the coaches didn't think they had to tell him because everyone in the football world knows Monroe is taking his starting job. The only question is whether Monroe can acclimate fast enough to play Sunday in Miami.

"This is business, so they’re going to do whatever is best for their business," McKinnie said.

As long as McKinnie isn't a distraction or malcontent -- and he wasn't last year when he was benched -- what's best for the Ravens is to hold onto McKinnie for the rest of the season.