Drive of the Game: First interception

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Before the first of what would be three interceptions spanning nine passes, the Giants were on the move to take the lead.

Trailing 22-21, the Giants had a first down at the Eagles' 49 with a little more than 11 minutes left.

They were then penalized on a run, setting them back 10 yards. And then the game changed.

Quarterback Eli Manning was intercepted and the Eagles returned it to the Giants' 25. On the next play, Nick Foles hit Brent Celek for a 25-yard touchdown to put the Eagles ahead eight.

That drive proved to the turning one of the game as the Giants never moved the ball past midfield for the remainder of the game. They had been moving the ball well against the Eagles in the second half, but with that one interception, it set off a chain of events that the Giants never overcame.

On their next possession, the Giants turned it over once again as Manning tossed another interception.

The Eagles scored off that drive as well. And on the following Giants drive, it once again ended in an interception, the final one of the afternoon for Manning. That interception all but sealed the game.

The Giants offense couldn't be stopped at times on Sunday, but at other points, it looked as if the Giants couldn't complete a pass. When they moved the ball to the Eagles' side of the field early in the fourth, it seemed they were ready to take the lead and turn the game over to their defense.

Instead, Manning continued his error-prone ways with a pick and the Eagles would put themselves head eight points. As the Giants now sit at 0-5, they can look back and think "what if" about that drive.