Gipson: Hit on Manuel does not warrant fine

The last word on the “classless” Cleveland Browns comes from Tashaun Gipson, the Browns safety whose hit knocked Buffalo Bills quarterback EJ Manuel out of the game Thursday night.

Gipson admitted his demonstrative gesture over Manuel -- who was grabbing his knee after being hurt -- was not because Manuel had been injured. He simply was celebrating the play.

“I was not celebrating the injury,” Gipson said. “At the end of the day, we all in here are brothers in some way.”

He added later he “did not know the significance” of Manuel’s injury when he gestured.

Manuel will miss a month after Gipson hit him on the knee while making a tackle at the end of a run. Nobody complained about the hit, just the gesture after. Earlier in the game, Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer was lost for the season with a knee injury.

Gipson said he heard that Bills center Eric Wood called the Browns “classless,” and that Wood said he had been told T.J. Ward told a Buffalo teammate the Browns were going to get Manuel after Hoyer was injured.

Ward denied making the statement.

Gipson called it “he says, she says.”

“I highly doubt that any of our guys would say anything like that,” Gipson said. “I know me personally, suffering an injury myself last year, I definitely wouldn’t be over celebrating that I hurt somebody. That wasn’t my intention when I made the tackle.”

He added “football is an intense game (and) maybe a little too much adrenaline came over me” when he gestured.

But Gipson said he did not believe he would or should be fined.

“It was a clean hit,” he said.