Short week is OK with Richard Sherman

RENTON, Wash. -- Players sometimes complain about having to play on a Thursday night, only four days after the previous game. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman isn’t one of them. He's looking forward to the game Thursday against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium.

“I think it’s fun,” Sherman said. “I think it’s going to be a bunch of fun. You always are looking for your next opportunity on the field, win, lose or draw. You always want to just get right back out there. I think people would rather play than practice, so shoot, it’s a lot of fun for us.”

Sherman also thinks a short week is an advantage for a team with as much depth as the Seahawks have.

“Definitely, because you never really know in the NFL how the injury situation is,’’ Sherman said. “Legs get weathered in a game and things like that. We know we have defensive backs who can step in, we have linebackers that can step in in a short week. The defensive line has incredible depth, and on the offensive side you see the receiving corps can mismatch any parts they want. I think that is huge for us in a game like this where the legs aren’t always 100 percent.”

Receiver Golden Tate mentioned a few of things that can make the short turnaround a little easier.

“Eating right is one thing,” Tate said. “And sleep is huge. Getting eight hours of sleep, at least, in a week like this. Sleep is really your friend. And finally, hydrating. Getting plenty of fluids. Those are the three biggest things.

“And you have to take care of your legs at practice. Usually, Thursday is about when my legs start feeling strong again, so I should be OK.”