Getting 97 percent to agree ain't easy

BUFFALO -- Fans are so full of angst here. They're practically begging Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson to come to his senses and fire head coach Dick Jauron, the most objectionable figure in local sports.

In this week's ESPN.com SportsNation coaches approval ratings, Jauron is down to three percent with an absurd number of votes being cast. Bills fans, motivated by disgust, have vented and voted more than 3,200 times as of this posting.

Not even the zealots who follow the Dallas Cowboys have been so compelled to voice their displeasure. Wade Phillips was 31st on the list at 14 percent with fewer than 750 votes submitted. Those would be halcyon numbers for Jauron.

Want to know how difficult it is to get 97 percent of the public to agree on anything?