Dan Graziano's MVP Watch

After strong outings, LeSean McCoy and Philip Rivers return to the MVP Watch list. USA TODAY Sports

The Watch is not a democracy. It is simply one individual’s opinion, issued weekly, on the state of the race for the NFL’s MVP award. It is not based on public opinion or reader reaction to the previous week’s list. It is not interactive. But the Watch doesn’t exist in a vacuum, either. And just because it won’t be influenced by your opinions doesn’t mean it can’t hear them. So to that end, this week we present a couple of answers to some of the more common questions and concerns the Watch sees on Twitter each week.

Do you even watch the games? Some of them, but there are so many. And the baseball playoffs are on, and there’s "Boardwalk Empire" to catch up on and maybe "Homeland" to get to, although the second season was kind of lame ... anyway, yeah. Sure. Whenever possible.

Do you know anything at all about football? Little bit. Can’t use your hands, right, unless you’re the goalie? Wait. What? This isn’t Spain? Sorry. The Watch will have to get back to you on that.

Why isn’t [player whose team has a losing record] on this list? Because his team has a losing record, and players on teams with losing records don’t win MVP awards.

The list should just be Peyton Manning and no one else. Wouldn’t be much fun that way, right? Remember fun?

Tom Brady? Are you serious? Well, “serious” is something of a relative term in this particular weekly feature, but, yeah, sure. He’s won it twice and plays quarterback for the New England Patriots. The Watch has made dumber bets.

Russell Wilson? Are you serious? Now who’s not watching the games?

Tony Romo? Are you serious? Sensing a theme here. How about just getting to the list at this point? This has been fun, thanks.