DeMarcus Ware to start running Monday

PHILADELPHIA – DeMarcus Ware's streak of consecutive games played ended Sunday at 134.

Ware suffered a quadriceps strain against the Washington Redskins last week, and while he said the leg improved during the week leading into Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles, it was not good enough for him to even test it before kickoff.

“I knew I wasn’t going to play,” Ware said.

Ware is not sure if he will play next week at the Detroit Lions.

“All I know is I start running on Monday, and we’ll know from there,” Ware said.

Kyle Wilber started in Ware’s place against Philadelphia. The Cowboys managed three sacks without Ware: George Selvie picked up 1.5, Jason Hatcher had one, and new pickup Jarius Wynn split a sack.

“We have guys that can come in there and play and still be effective, still get pressure on the quarterback,” Ware said. “Not having guys healthy, that’s what you want -- then, when everybody gets healthy, you’re hitting it full steam.”

Ware said there was a benefit from his sideline perspective.

“It’s different because you see some of the plays that you can make when you’re on the sideline, and with me just having that type of mentality, knowing I can get out there and make those plays, but I can’t because of my injury,” Ware said. “But now, giving it up to Wilber and him going and doing it and seeing him do it, it really wasn’t about athleticism. It’s all about technique and knowing what’s going on.”