Upon Further Review: Buccaneers Week 7

An examination of four hot issues from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' 31-23 loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

Schiano’s future: Coach Greg Schiano is 0-6 this season and 1-11 in his last 12 games. Patience has to be wearing thin with ownership, and it might be worn out with fans. But I don’t think the Bucs are ready to make a move in a week in which they have to play a Thursday night game. Schiano’s job could be in jeopardy, but I think that’s at least a week away.

Doug Martin’s shoulder: The running back suffered a shoulder injury in the third quarter that the team believes is a torn labrum, according to reports. If he’s out for the rest of the season or even an extended period, the Bucs will have to turn to rookie Mike James, who did some good things Sunday. But James is not Martin.

The disappearing pass rush: I haven’t had time to go watch the replay yet, but I feel confident in saying that Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan barely was touched. He might have been hit once or twice, but that’s it. The pass rush is supposed to be a strength of the Buccaneers, but it failed against Ryan. There’s no excuse for that because Ryan’s playing behind a patch-work offensive line that hadn’t been playing that well.

The quick turnaround: The Bucs, who had 11 penalties against the Falcons, should spend a lot of time correcting their mistakes. But the problem is they don’t have time. They have barely any practice time before they take on Carolina on Thursday night at Raymond James Stadium.