Brett Favre discusses his future

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Retired quarterback Brett Favre apparently wasn't interested when the St. Louis Rams made overtures to his agent about bringing him aboard, according to a report from our Adam Schefter.

Soon after Schefter's story broke, Favre weighed in on his future with Andy Pollin and Jon Saraceno on SportsTalk 570 in Washington D.C. this morning. Favre made it perfectly clear that multiple teams have expressed interest in him via his agent Bus Cook and that he doesn't reciprocate that interest, though he acknowledged being flattered by it.

"I'm not even sure exactly who reached out to Bus and just basically -- what you read -- just asked if there was an interest," Favre told the radio station. "And I think, my guess would be that being familiar with the system that Schotty (Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer) runs and I've had some discussions with Jeff Fisher over the years; I really like him, think a lot of him. Maybe they just wanted to see.

"I think Kellen [Clemens] is there and they just picked up Austin Davis, who is a Southern Miss guy, so they'll be OK."

From there, Favre made it clear that he doesn't want to play for the Rams or anyone else.

"I've had enough," Favre said. "I had enough a long time ago."

There's plenty more there from Favre in the interview but it's pretty clear that Favre didn't just turn down the Rams but turned down the chance to come back to the game all together.

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