Miscues by Davone Bess hurt the cause

KANSAS CITY -- Davone Bess probably could not wait to get out of town.

Acquired by the Browns to be a veteran leader and trusted possession receiver, Bess had three drops and a crucial fumbled punt in Cleveland’s 23-17 loss to the Chiefs on Sunday.

“I had a bad game,” Bess said in quotes distributed by the team. “Gotta look at the tape and go through it. You can’t make critical mistakes in critical situations.”

Bess spoke only to a few reporters before leaving the locker room while most of the local media was talking to coach Rob Chudzinski.

As far as critical mistakes go, Bess had some doozies (official football term there).

The biggest was when he fumbled a punt with 7:02 left. The Browns defense had forced the Chiefs to kick from their 10, and if Bess merely fair-catches the ball the Browns only need 25 yards to try a makable field goal that could have tied the game.

Bess caught the ball on the run, only to see it squirt out of his hands.

The Chiefs didn’t score on the turnover, but it cost the Browns four minutes in clock time and two timeouts as coach Rob Chudzinski chose to use them early.

“No excuse,” Bess said. “I got to catch it.”

He had two drops early in the game, one on the first pass thrown to him (the third game in a row he’s dropped the first pass thrown to him). He also dropped the Browns last pass, a sliding catch right at the first-down marker on fourth-and-7 from the Browns 31.

“Everyone has those days in the NFL,” said quarterback Jason Campbell. “You play the game long enough, you’re going to have a day like that. I sill have all the confidence in the world in him.”

The Browns simply are not good enough to overcome those key mistakes.

“There is no excuse for it,” Bess said. “I pride myself on catching the ball.”