Upon Further Review: Bills Week 8

A review of four hot issues from the Buffalo Bills' 35-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints:

Bills lose turnover battle: One of the biggest factors in the Bills' Week 7 road win over the Miami Dolphins was their ability to force Dolphins mistakes. Nickell Robey's interception began that game, Aaron Williams' interception prevented a touchdown, and Mario Williams' strip-sack set up the game-winning field goal. The Bills weren't able to make any such plays Sunday, and coach Doug Marrone didn't hold back Monday when addressing the loss. "We are not good enough to lose the turnover battle and win football games," Marrone said. The Bills were minus-3 against the Saints, with two fumbles and an interception.

Field position hurts Bills: It's not rocket science, but the Bills' inability to force turnovers affected their field position. Marrone pointed out that the Bills' average drive started at their 23-yard line, while the Saints began at their 40-yard line. Over an 11-possession game, Marrone noted, the field position difference adds up to 187 yards.

Players didn't influence challenge: After the game, Marrone said that he would review the procedure for challenging plays after he lost both of his challenges Sunday. On Monday, Marrone said he hadn't yet evaluated that process. "I haven't had a chance yet to do that, but I'm gonna do it and I'm not gonna tell anyone," he said. "But I'm doing it. Because I'm O-for." Marrone said running back Fred Jackson and other players urging the sideline to challenge a goal-line spot Sunday didn't influence his decision to throw the red flag. "No. I don't have that type of mentality," he said. "Which is disappointing for me. I know better. The percentages of challenging those types of plays ... I talk about it all the time. I did a poor job. That's on me. But I'm going to change that. Because if I keep it the same and I screw up, then I'm really an idiot."

Lewis' toughness stands out: For the second time in his three games as a starter, Thad Lewis played through injury. Two weeks after spraining his foot in a loss to the Bengals, Lewis played the full game Sunday after taking a shot to his ribs on the first play. Marrone was asked what about Lewis has impressed him the most, and the coach didn't hesitate in answering. "His toughness," Marrone said. "I think we all would agree on that. There's not many people that would hang in there and take those shots." Marrone said that Lewis "showed us a lot."