Gordon not traded, remains with Browns

It's 4 p.m. Do you know where your Cleveland Browns wide receivers are?

The answer: Still in Cleveland.

The NFL trade deadline came and went with Josh Gordon staying with the team. The Browns stuck to their word that they did not intend to trade their young and talented receiver.

For Gordon, it will be a relief. He had been asked about rumors since Trent Richardson was dealt to the Colts on Sept. 18.

Gordon steadfastly said he did not want to be traded, and the Browns just as steadfastly said they did not want to trade him.

That did not stop teams from calling, which fueled the rumors.

The Browns stuck to their guns. Chatter in Cleveland circulated that the Browns wanted a first-round pick and a player who could contribute if Gordon was to be traded. It seems logical that no team would give up a first-round pick for a guy looking at a one-year suspension if he makes another misstep in the league's substance-abuse policy.

If the Browns did want that much, it's because trading Gordon would have left a gigantic void in the offense. He is an immensely talented receiver who has had issues with marijuana use in the past.

But he's also, by far, the best player on the Browns' offense.

Gordon ranks second in the league with 18.2 yards per catch on 32 receptions. He has three touchdowns and 582 yards receiving -- while missing two games due to suspension.

Gordon is a risk. But at 22, he has a bright future if he stays away from "issues."

The Browns rightly demanded a lot for a talented player, and they rightly didn't take a deal they did not feel was up to their standards.