Vernon Davis: Worth buying high?

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- I’m not sure where I stand on this new human stock deal. My weirdness about the phenomenon aside, I can totally buy San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis as one of the pioneers.

ESPN.com reported Thursday that Fantex Brokerage Services, which announced its plans to sell shares of the future earnings of Texans running back Arian Foster, will announce it hopes to do the same with Davis. The company will have the rights to 10 percent of Davis' earnings, including his 49ers’ contract, endorsements and post career interests, after paying him $4 million up front. Fans will have a chance to specifically trade Davis’ stock depending on how his brand is performing.

It does not surprise me Davis is at the forefront of this trend. He is a big personality who seems to relish the limelight.

He was a terrific NFL ambassador last week in London. He is extremely active on social media and endorses several products. I’ll never forget a recent radio interview when he spent about half of a long segment passionately pumping up a beef jerky product he endorses.

The guy can sell. And not to be underscored, the guy is playing football.

Davis is putting together a career year on a team that could easily make its second straight trip to the Super Bowl. He is a relevant, visible NFL presence who isn’t going anywhere soon. I’m no Wall Streeter, but that sounds like a viable stock to me.

If banking your future on the performance of other human beings is your thing, Davis might be the guy to whom you hitch your financial wagon.