Which Eagles' offense will Raiders face?

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- The Philadelphia Eagles swear their offensive philosophy remains the same no matter who is playing quarterback for them, be it Michael Vick, Nick Foles or even rookie Matt Barkley.

And Oakland Raiders coach Dennis Allen believes them.

“I hadn’t seen a whole lot of difference as far as the things they do, what they do,” Allen said. “Obviously, Michael Vick has that added dimension with his athleticism and speed, but they’re still trying to spread you out, taking advantage of matchups, trying to get the box unloaded so they can run the ball and get LeSean McCoy going.

“What they do schematically really hadn’t changed a whole lot.”

Maybe it’s the results that have changed, then.

Because after its frenetic offense fired a warning shot on kickoff weekend by running 53 plays, amassing 322 yards and 21 first downs in the first half of a 33-27 victory against Washington, Philadelphia is just 2-5. Losing not only Vick to a left hamstring injury, but also Foles to a concussion, has hurt.

Foles, though, will start against the Raiders, and according to running back McCoy, their philosophy does change depending upon who is under center.

“It’s tough,” he said. “For a couple weeks you prepare with a certain quarterback, and there are a lot of plays that maybe fit that quarterback. Then you move on to a different quarterback where he does something better, different than other quarterbacks. To be honest, there is a difference, each week going through the game with a different quarterback.

“But hey, it’s the NFL, guys get banged up and we have to adjust. We have to adjust, and I think if we make some things happen in the run game it’ll take some pressure off the quarterbacks.”

McCoy is, after all, the leading rusher in the NFL with 733 yards. And the Raiders have the No. 6-ranked rush defense in the NFL, allowing 89.9 yards on the ground per game.

Yet, the Eagles have scored 10 points in their past two games … combined.

“Well they’re fifth in total offense, so they’re still a really good offense and they still have a lot of really talented players,” Allen said. “I’m not ready to say everybody has figured it out. But you have to be sound fundamentally in what you’re trying to do. And, again, you have to be great space tacklers and understand how they’re trying to attack with their different formations and their spread-out stuff they’re trying to do.”