Bucs happy with Vincent Jackson's targets

TAMPA, Fla. -- In a season in which almost nothing has gone right for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, even some positive things are coming under scrutiny.

Take the case of wide receiver Vincent Jackson, who has been targeted a league-high 90 times. Some view that as a negative and say that rookie quarterback Mike Glennon has been locking into Jackson too much. But coach Greg Schiano doesn’t see it that way. Schiano said Glennon simply is following his reads.

"(Jackson is) the first read a lot and if he’s there you give it to him," Schiano said. "With Mike reading things out efficiently, and not going to Vincent when he is double covered or covered, I think that’s opening up for Vincent more and letting us go to him more."

Jackson also is among the league leaders in drops. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Jackson is tied for fourth in the league with five drops. But Schiano said that comes with the territory.

“If you look at the top receivers in this league, they have some drops. Why? Because they make some spectacular plays and they have such confidence, they’re thinking about scoring every time they touch it,’’ Schiano said. “You’d love to have spectacular plays and no drops but that’s not realistic. Maybe it is if you have the perfect guy but I haven’t met him yet. But I think Vincent is having a good year and I think he’s at the point where he could really take off and that’s what we hope for.’’