Buccaneers unsure of Doug Martin's return

TAMPA, Fla. -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Doug Martin (shoulder) has been ruled out of Sunday’s game with Seattle. But coach Greg Schiano said it remains possible Martin will return at some point this season.

Schiano said Martin will need surgery at some point, but he might be able to return and have surgery after the season.

"We wouldn’t bring him back unless he can be very effective," Schiano said. "He's going to need to get it repaired. It doesn’t matter if he does it now or he does it at the end of the year. If he can function, then we want him to (play). If he can’t function at a high level then we’ll shut him down."

The Bucs need to be smart with this one. They’re 0-8. If there’s any chance at all that Martin can do further damage to the shoulder by returning, the Bucs should encourage him to have the surgery now. Given the way this season has gone, a fully healthy Martin is more valuable to them in 2014 than he is now.