Cris Carter rips Dolphins players, coaches

The Miami Dolphins are not being viewed in a good light following their huge controversy involving guard Richie Incognito. He was suspended indefinitely following alleged harassment and threats of physical violence toward teammate Jonathan Martin.

ESPN analyst Cris Carter, a Hall of Fame wide receiver, had strong words for the Dolphins on Monday night. Here is what Carter said on air:

"I played in three different decades: the 1980s, '90s and 2000s. I'm really disappointed in [Martin's] teammates, because I don't know how this guy can still be playing on a football team and they not find it out. I'm disappointed in the offensive players. I'm disappointed in Mike Pouncey. The guy who is playing right next to you and you don’t know? This is criminal information. We're taking showers together. We're on the road together. We're sleeping together. I'm depending on you, man, so I don't get my neck cracked. And they don't even know this? [Ryan] Tannehill, the quarterback, how can they not know? How can these guys not know? Joe Philbin as the head coach, the reason why coaches in this league are great is because they care about the players. The reason why [Martin] didn't want to talk to [Philbin] when they met is because [Martin] didn't trust him. When a young kid can't go to a coach and tell him what's happening to him, that's how guys get weeded out in the football league. But you got to care about these guys."

Carter brings up a very strong point of caring about the players. The Dolphins' coaching staff and front office either knew Martin was having a tough time and didn’t do enough to address it, or they were completely oblivious and have zero pulse on their locker room.

Neither situation is good, especially for Philbin, who admittedly is in charge of creating the proper work environment. The NFL is looking into the situation, and we will know more details of this situation in the coming days and week.