Eagles' Matthews expects brother to play

PHILADELPHIA -- If the Mannings are the First Family of Football, the Matthews clan has to be a close second.

Bruce Matthews is in the Hall of Fame. His brother Clay played 19 years as a linebacker. Their father, Clay Sr., played in the league.

The third generation will be well represented Sunday at Lambeau Field. Casey will play special teams and some linebacker for the Eagles. His older brother, Clay, may or may not be playing linebacker for the Green Bay Packers after having pins removed this week from his surgically repaired thumb.

"I think so," Casey Matthews said Wednesday about his brother's chances of being on the field. "Personally, I think so."

That is one of the few things the Matthews brothers discuss the week before a game. There is little football talk, Casey said, and nothing at all about what each team is working on.

"We don't talk game plan-wise," Casey said. "We're not going to give secrets away. We talk about a lot of other things. I'll call to see how his hand is doing, but we stay away from football as much as possible."

That is standard when the whole family is together, Casey said. His father, Clay, likes to talk shop with his sons, but mostly there is the usual family stuff to discuss and laugh about.

It is a little strange for Casey, who is not as big a star as his brother, to see Clay randomly pop up on his TV in a commercial.

"He's gotten comfortable doing that stuff," Casey said. "I'd be a little stiff, I think. The commercial with the mustache, it makes no sense, but it's pretty funny."

Casey said a fairly large contingent will journey to Green Bay to see the brothers play against each other.

"They'll be wearing Eagles jersey," Casey said. "I told them they could wear Eagles jersey and Packers undershirts."