Hazing is not a big deal for Buccaneers

TAMPA, Fla. -- As controversy swirls around the Miami Dolphins, the topic of bullying and hazing young players has become a big topic around the NFL.

The Buccaneers say that’s not a problem in Tampa Bay.

"We weren’t asked to do much more than carry a helmet and shoulder pads," rookie defensive tackle Akeem Spence said.

Actually, the Bucs do a little bit more with their young players. But it’s limited to things like a rookie talent show. In short, coach Greg Schiano isn’t a big believer in hazing.

"My policy is with everything we talk about trust, belief and accountability, and that kind of covers everything," Schiano said. "Our guys, there are some ritual things that you do and you don’t cross the line. That’s a man, you’re a man. Make sure you do not cross the line, and I think our guys have been good about that. So if it’s skits or carrying pads or cleaning off a tray, that’s ritual that guys go through. And that’s kind of how we talk about it in that trust, that belief and that accountability to each other. That code of conduct kind of covers everything we do."

Spence and fellow rookie Johnthan Banks said even the rookie talent show was harmless fun. Banks said virtually all the different treatment for rookies ended after training camp.

“These guys treat me like a vet," Banks said.