Cowboys won't overreact to run game

IRVING, Texas -- Even offensive coordinator Bill Callahan was surprised the Dallas Cowboys ran the ball just nine times in last week’s win against the Minnesota Vikings.

But don’t look for an overcorrection this week against the New Orleans Saints.

“We want to run it more,” Callahan said. “We definitely want to run it better, but we do want to run it more. That’s not an overreaction thought. It’s not saying we’re going to try and run it 50 times to make up for it last week, but we’ll continue to strive for balance. But it was a little bit different last week.”

Like Jason Garrett, Callahan put the lack of the running game on tackles for losses, penalties and drops in the passing game. Trailing on their last two drives, the Cowboys felt compelled even more to pass, and Tony Romo delivered on a 90-yard drive with a touchdown pass to Dwayne Harris to win the game.

Through nine games the Cowboys are 27th in the NFL in rushing, averaging 75.7 yards a game. Last season they were 31st in rushing but actually averaged more yards on the ground (79.1).

“I just play the play that’s called, and we’re going to go up there and look at different coverages and the different fronts and go with our rules and do what we do, and I think if you do that you’re going to be fine,” Romo said. “If you’re just thinking about, ‘Boy we better get to 15 runs, or 20 runs,’ just to make sure that we appease everybody, that’s just silly. I think what you find is that we won that football game last week. We’re moving on to the next one. Maybe you only throw it 17 times the next week. Maybe you only throw it 25 times or run it whatever. It varies.”

Romo said the amount of runs he checks out of in a game can be as low as two or as high as 8-10.

“We look at it like a team is very good against the run, you might want to throw it a little bit more,” Romo said. “A team who is not as well against the pass, you might want to pass it more. A team who is not very good against the run, you might want to run it. And all that, if you have success running it early, you might just keep doing that. So certain philosophies in certain different weeks are different. When the season is over, I’m sure we will look at the stats and see where it’s at and what we need to do. But right now, we’re right in the middle of the year and we’re trying to keep improving and get better.”

The Saints have the 25th ranked rush defense, allowing 121.3 yards per game on the ground.

If anybody was wondering.