Redskins notes: RB Thompson done

  • The Redskins will place running back Chris Thompson on the injured reserve list thanks to a shoulder injury that will require surgery. Coach Mike Shanahan said Thompson will have surgery done on his labrum. "It's been something that's ongoing," Shanahan said. "It's gotten a little bit worse." One of the knocks by scouts on Thompson coming out of college was durability. He's had three straight seasons cut short by injuries, with back and knee issues, respectively, at Florida State.

  • Linebacker London Fletcher was fined $15,750 for his horse-collar tackle in the win over the San Diego Chargers. Fletcher pulled running back Danny Woodhead down from behind in the fourth quarter of Washington's overtime victory. Officials called Fletcher for a 15-yard personal foul.

  • Shanahan said he was fine with quarterback Robert Griffin III's decision to throw to Santana Moss in the left corner on fourth and goal from the 4-yard line. With the Vikings blitzing, Griffin does not have time to scan the field. He needed to be decisive. "Robert's got a lot of different options on pass plays. He had an opportunity to go one or the other. A lot of times you'll have two options when you're on one side of the field and on the other side sometimes you'll have one, two or three options, but you've got to make a decision and make it very quickly. The key is executing that option."

  • After the game, Redskins linebacker Perry Riley said he was covering receiver Jerome Simpson on a 29-yard pass in the fourth quarter because it was his job in that scheme to cover the No. 2 receiver on the weak side of the formation. With the Vikings in a three-receiver look, Simpson was the inside, or No. 2, receiver. Riley played him man coverage. Here's Mike Shanahan's take on the play: "It's a mistake on our part," he said. "We had the nickel [coverage] instead of dime. Had a mismatch there. Any time you put a receiver, especially with their ability, against one of our linebackers -- not that Perry can't run with somebody -- it's a mismatch and we should have had dime in there at that time."