Locker Room Buzz: St. Louis Rams

INDIANAPOLIS -- Observed in the locker room after the St. Louis Rams' 38-8 win against the Indianapolis Colts.

Never comfortable: The Rams jumped all over the Colts in the first half, taking a 28-0 halftime lead. That dominant performance would have most teams feeling pretty confident about walking away with a win, but the feeling on the Rams' side was a bit more tenuous.

Given Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck's propensity for amazing fourth-quarter comebacks -- he has 10 in less than two full NFL seasons -- the Rams found themselves wondering how many points would be enough.

"What kept going through our mind is Andrew's comebacks, his comebacks, his comebacks, and it’s never enough points," Rams coach Jeff Fisher said.

Field-position dominance: It might fly under the radar on a day when so many things went right for the Rams, but one thing they did that they haven't done much of this season is own field position. Outstanding kickoff coverage for the Rams combined with questionable decision-making by Colts kick returners David Reed and Dan Herron left the Colts starting eight of their 14 drives inside their 20, including three inside their 10. A number of Rams pointed out the advantage created by the kickoff coverage after the game.

Bad bye: Fisher stuck by the old coaching cliché that there's never a bad time for a bye week, but a few players in the locker room made it clear they wished they had a game next week. After a disappointing three-game losing streak, those Rams wanted a chance to carry over any momentum generated by a convincing victory.