Peterson plans to talk with Wilfs on Monday

MINNEAPOLIS -- If the Minnesota Vikings do plan to fire coach Leslie Frazier this week, they might first have to hear a counter-argument from their franchise player.

Running back Adrian Peterson said again that on Monday he plans to talk to Vikings ownership, adding he's already told the Wilf family he wants to see Frazier stay as the coach. The Vikings have reportedly been considering candidates to replace Frazier, whose contract expires after next season and who has a 21-33-1 record as the Vikings coach.

Several prominent players -- Peterson, defensive tackle Kevin Williams, defensive end Brian Robison, linebacker Chad Greenway, and quarterbacks Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder among them -- supported Frazier after the game, but Peterson was the boldest in backing the coach.

"He's just a man of God, first off. Great coach," Peterson said. "When you sit there and you listen to him talk and not do it every time we're in meetings, you're always gaining great knowledge from him. You've just got to be able to hold on to that and really listen and understand where he comes from. A lot of people like the rah-rah type guy. I'm more about words and what's being said. No matter how it's said, you can hold on to it and learn from it. He does a great job of being a teacher. I feel like that's what this organization needs."

Peterson also said he plans to be more involved in staying on top of the moves the front office is making, stating his feelings about what the Vikings need and hearing the team's plans for the future. He'll be 29 before next season, and though Peterson said on Sunday he plans on "being the best" well into his 30s, he's also clearly aware that his prime won't last forever. If the Vikings do fire Frazier, it will be very interesting to see how the move plays with Peterson.

Asked if he thought he could convince ownership to keep Frazier, Peterson said, "I hope so," before adding with a laugh, "But I don't want all the pressure on me.

"I hope that's that not the case (that the decision has already been made)," Peterson said. "He's a great coach, and I would love to see him stay around."